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What are VR and AR?           

Virtual Reality (VR) means experiencing things through our computers that don't really exist. Augmented Reality (AR) layers digital information, characters, and animations on top of live camera feeds on our phones and headsets to create digital experiences in a physical space.

Both VR and AR technologies will make up the next wave of digital interaction, with the world’s biggest tech giants that include Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook among others chasing after it, creating tools to craft meaningful and catchy experiences. The industry is already worth billions of dollars, and when used properly can receive a great deal of press and user focus - both staples in today's digital and mobile world.

Please watch these short videos demonstrating the uses of VR/AR tools and technologies across different fields!

Our Work          

Check out our reel!

Have a look at our demo reel, showing off some of our latest VR and AR projects for a number of industries.

We’ve been busy tackling projects dealing with:

  • Police Training
  • PTSD Treatment For Soldiers
  • ADHD Treatment For Children
  • Corporate Sales Training
  • Machine Learning Agents
  • Computer Vision Systems
  • Real Estate Architectural Visualizations and Interactive Sales
  • Gaming
  • Automotive Sales
  • Public Marketing Activations
  • 360 3D Films
  • Virtual Set Design
  • And More!

Behind The Scenes          

Andre Elijah Founder, Creative Director — OPIATS  — ︎@AndreElijah

          Andre is a multi-disciplinary, award winning creative, technologist, and New Media Graduate from Toronto, Canada.

Currently working in the world of Virtual and Augmented Reality, Andre is creating branded experiences and working to make the medium more accessible to the masses.

Andre has spoken at the Canadian Real Estate Association on the merits of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies, as well as VR World Congress in Bristol, on creating magical experiences for brands and consumers in VR.

Having previously worked in both the Film and Finance industries, Andre has built a reputation for cutting edge technical projects.
Andre led the technical elements of both production and post-production on Beyoncé's Live at Roseland concert DVD which was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, and served as the FIRST 10 camera multi-cam shoot of its kind on the RED Digital Cinema Camera system.

2017’s project, "Drizzy Manor", an interactive ArchViz project made in Unreal Engine 4 acquired over a million views in the first three days after launch and coverage from international media outlets including Teen Vogue, Esquire, GQ, Complex, and Polygon and went on to over 10 million lifetime views.